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Thank you Erin-Brie of Warwick Life Strategies. I was confused and honestly my own worst enemy, with my life going around in circles. I wanted change but didn't know how to get there. I reached out to Erin-Brie and she challenged my thinking. She asked questions that got me thinking in a new way and now I am working on breaking old habits that had me in a rut. I'm seeing things differently and that's really life changing for me.

G.W - Winnipeg

Never working with a coach before, I was hesitant and didn’t know what to expect. Erin-Brie has a truly warm and genuine personality that made me feel comfortable right from the start. Working together through some personal issues made me realize what I needed to do for myself in order to get what I want in life. I was very happy to have found a coach who got me to question the limits I was putting on myself and who supported me while I took those hard, first steps. Thank you!

A.F - Toronto

My coaching experience has been so positive and has come to be of great value to me. The coaching sessions have been a smart investment of my time and energy as I have been able to set relevant goals, clearly define paths I want to take and accurately assess the quality of my life. Many times I found myself waiting for my weekly session so I could share my success throughout the week with goals we had set. I also really appreciated the patience and encouragement given to me during times when I had to sift through my thoughts and find some direction to take. Thank you!

S.A - Winnipeg

I was having a lot of problems with my kids (the teen years!) and the conflicts were getting out of hand. Our home situation was a nightmare. The coaching sessions with Erin-Brie were very helpful in figuring out how to deal with these situations in ways that were more productive. There have been some big changes at our place and my relationships with my kids and spouse have been steadily improving!

K.M - Winnipeg

I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed on with a personal coach. I knew that I wanted to make some changes in my life, but didn’t know how and didn’t really know what those changes were.  Then I met Erin-Brie.  I initially signed up for 5 sessions and I can honestly say that I probably learned more about myself and my relationships in those 5 hours than in the 45 years it took me to get to this place. Erin-Brie is professional, kind, has great insight and was really able to help me focus on areas that I needed to take a good look at and she really helped me to understand what I believe about myself whether those beliefs were correct or not. She is a wonderful coach and I look forward to working with her again.

K.G - Winnipeg

I worked with Erin-Brie at a critical point in my life; a point when I was struggling in getting focused among varied, competing priorities. Through my experience working with her, I found her to be extremely professional, highly empathetic and resourceful, along with having great listening skills. She was extremely effective at sizing up situations quickly, while remaining highly flexible and creative.

H.B. - Toronto

I had always seen the things I wanted in my life as unreachable, too overwhelming to try or just downright terrifying. Working with Erin-Brie has me challenging those beliefs everyday. I have learned to take big tasks, break them down into doable pieces and have accountability to follow it through to the end. I have even challenged one of my biggest fears: to show my artwork in a show. I was a closet artist, too afraid to show my work. I told Erin-Brie my biggest dream was to show my work and sell my pieces. I may not have sold anything yet, but I did do a show, and built a blog. In short, I got my work out there for people to see. I thought people would hate it, not understand it and the opposite happened. People really liked my work and it has given me the confidence to further develop and show my work. I know for certain that I would not have done any of this without the support and encouragement from Erin-Brie. I highly recommend at least one conversation with her. You will walk away more empowered and one step closer to having the life you want!

T.A - Winnipeg

I met Erin-Brie at a time where everything was crumbling around me, a long term relationship ended & I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. For weeks she sat & listened empathetically always without judgment, offering insight into the information I shared. She was very honest and helped me to understand that this was an opportunity for growth and a chance at a new beginning. Erin-Brie questioned my thinking patterns and challenged my limited beliefs. She gave me the confidence and tools to set clear goals to move forward rather than staying in the past. After 13 sessions I felt empowered to stand on my own two feet and was excited to see what my future would hold. Yes, I was still fearful but she gave me the confidence to plow through it. I can’t imagine how the situation would have turned out without Erin-Brie. She was truly the missing piece I needed, the integral tool in my healing. I have never looked back and I know that there are greater things to come. I will forever be grateful to her as my coach.

B.B - Winnipeg

I came to Erin-Brie, a broken and lost man. For years I was living my life with little direction and focus. Time and time again I would find myself falling back into a rut and finding a way out more and more challenging. I was living my life in a perpetual tailspin. Then I met Erin-Brie. After one session, she identified fundamental gaps in my life, and proposed viable solutions. My life now has meaning and clear direction- Now I am flying high.

I strongly recommend Erin-Brie for anyone looking for direction in their life.

D.M - Winnipeg

I wanted to make changes, but to act in a forward motion was difficult. With Erin's guidance, she helped me to overcome this hurdle. Erin let me go at my own pace and talk it out when I was faced with a challenge. Also, her encouragement helped me get though more of my weaker moments and directed me back on path when I wondered. One of her assignments for me was to design a vision board. It helped me to organize my goals/objectives. I found it very insightful and allowed me to visually see what steps and path to take in order to achieve them. Her motivation and positive feedback made me intrinsically want to follow through. She showed me how to overcome the barriers that discouraged my growth, take action to reach my goals/objectives, my relationship is better than over, react in healthier ways, recognized patterns of "negative talk," and believe/love myself. Not only did she resolve issues I originally went to see her for, but more. The difference in my life has not gone unnoticed. My friends, family and coworkers have seen the change. I get comments such as "you're more focused and happier." I am at peace with my inner self and have become a better person. Thank you Erin-Brie for coaching me through this journey and being a part of my awakening.

F.D - Winnipeg

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