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May 13, 2019

Roll the Dice: Taking Chances

Some people firmly believe in 'luck'. They may blow on dice while gambling, carry around a lucky token, search for four leaf clovers and let the belief that they are either lucky (or unlucky) influence their decision to act or not.

Some individuals see opportunities that others miss. How? They have open-minded approaches to life,  more positive attitudes and are more resilient when faced with failure.I believe that if you're waiting for luck to discover you, you'll find yourself passively sitting and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...On the other hand, being open to new opportunities means that your approach is active. You have conscious awareness of your surroundings, what opportunities are presenting themselves to you and which ones you can purposefully seek out.

As well, having a positive outlook on life can make a big difference in terms of taking opportunities. In reading and researching the personality characteristics of Optimism and Pessimism it's evident that people with a positive outlook have a broader field of view - they see more of what's going on around them and as such, take in more beneficial information that can help them to seize successful opportunities.

As well as having a positive outlook, try introducing more flexibility into your life - whether that be flexibility in your actions or your mindset. Many of us live with tunnel vision, pursuing one goal at the expense of others. Of course, it's sometimes essential to focus solely on the task at hand. However, on a daily basis, try to open your eyes to what's around you. Keep an open mind...your world is bigger than you think and hidden opportunities abound!

Some say that younger people are more likely to take chances, experience both successes and failures, and use these experiences as a tools for discovery and that when we age we become more rigid and crystallized in our thinking.As I age I find myself trying new things or revisiting old activities with a new an improved perspective. I've found that breaking out of our negative thinking patterns and rule bound lifestyles are exciting changes to make.

If we can conquer our anxiety over taking chances and making changes, we can move forward in our lives, seeking out and grasping opportunities that we'd never imagined.

Moving you forward, WLS

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