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Coaching is a very beneficial and effective process in helping YOU move forward towards creating the life YOU desire!

Warwick Life Strategies strives to provide coaching services that will help clients set and attain passionate goals, face challenges, overcome obstacles, and move forward in their lives celebrating their personal strengths and uniqueness.

High Performance Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Do you want to maximize your potential, have more confidence in yourself, think more positively and have less self-doubt? Changing your thoughts can change your life and help you to achieve your goals. It is fully possible to live the life you want and deserve!

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Personal Life Coaching

Would you like to set and achieve goals and live a more fulfilling, balanced life? Do you need help navigating conflict and/or the relationships in your life? Do you want to make positive changes but are not sure how? WLS coaching can help you get where you want to be!

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Client Testimonials

I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed on with a personal coach. I knew that I wanted to make some changes in my life, but didn’t know how and didn’t really know what those changes were.  Then I met Erin-Brie.  I initially signed up for 5 sessions and I can honestly say that I probably learned more about myself and my relationships in those 5 hours than in the 45 years it took me to get to this place. Erin-Brie is professional, kind, has great insight and was really able to help me focus on areas that I needed to take a good look at and she really helped me to understand what I believe about myself whether those beliefs were correct or not. She is a wonderful coach and I look forward to working with her again.

K.G - Winnipeg

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