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Life Coaching & Professional Coaching

We are constantly facing adversity and are being challenged on a daily basis. Learning techniques to question our assumptions, overcome obstacles, embrace change and create our own realities is extremely important in moving forward and making life more enjoyable and rewarding!

The coaching process is tailored to each individual client and situation.

Some common challenge areas are:

  • Coping with fears, anxieties and stressors
  • Improving health, wellness and self-image
  • Exploring strategies for addressing personal, family, or work conflicts
  • Improving decision making, goal setting and communication skills
  • Increasing motivation and productivity
  • Finding a better life balance
  • Rediscovering YOU and learning how to find or foster great relationships

Coaching services are offered in both individual and group formats. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Evening appointments and sessions by phone are available. Please contact me for more information.

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Conflict Coaching – Personal or Professional

Conflict can be uncomfortable but it is also unavoidable and at times, necessary and productive. Conflict may be either constructive or destructive to your workplace and/or personal relationships. Taking a positive approach to conflict and developing the necessary skills to manage it, will greatly increase your ability to work through these situations in ways that are effective and gratifying.

Together we will take a holistic look at your conflict situation and I will work with you by employing a combination of conflict management strategies and coaching tools to help you to reassess your approach and attitude towards conflict, as well as work on skills to effectively address and resolve interpersonal issues.

My role is to help you to:

  • Gain clarity and focus in terms of your needs, interests and goals
  • Generate and assess options
  • Develop strategies for success
  • Examine existing relationship dynamics
  • Develop necessary skills for interacting more effectively, diffusing conflict, and addressing contentious issues in a less adversarial way

Relationship Coaching

Together we can explore the following, in order to help you to discover, rediscover and/or find healthy, happy relationships:

  • Rediscovering our interests, passions and what makes us happy
  • Acknowledging our own gifts and strengths
  • Developing self-acceptance and challenging limiting beliefs
  • Taking chances and opportunities – talking about fears
  • Increasing self-responsibility for living the life we desire

Please contact me for more details and/or to book a session.

Coaching for Artists 

As a singer and actor myself, I had an interest in developing a program for artists of any form. This program consists of 4 coaching session at a reduced rate. It is tailored to the individual but explores the following: 

  • Challenging limiting beliefs and focusing on your strengths
  • Building resilience and examining your response to 'failure'
  • Facing fears and self-doubts
  • Developing strategies for success (as defined individually) 

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