Happy Hearts

When I was studying psychology in University, I recall discussing 'positive psychology' (and pioneer Martin Seligman and colleagues). Some psychological schools of thought are largely focused on treating a problem ("disease centric approach") whereas positive psychology is more in line with coaching philosophy, namely that we are in the drivers seat of our lives. We have control over our happiness or unhappiness.

Here are a few thoughts to think on......

1) Focus on what is positive in your life today. Look ahead and plan for the future but don't forget to acknowledge your present accomplishments and to congratulate yourself. Also, remember to express gratitude. You have much to be thankful for....believe it.

2) Capitalize on your strengths and live passionately. A passionate lifestyle is one where your values and interests are reflected in your daily life.

3) Focus on goals that are your own and that matter to you. If they are aligned with your interests, desires and abilities, they will be easier to reach and the process will be much more enjoyable.

4) Make happiness a priority. Write down 5 things that make you happy and try your best to include them in your daily life.

5) Establish and grow meaningful relationships. Be grateful for a supportive network. It is incredibly important and deserving of your gratitude and effort to maintain and nurture.

6) Last but not least, don't overextend yourself. It leads to stress, anxiety and burn out....not conducive to a happy heart nor a healthy life.

During coaching sessions, clients and I often discuss the relationship between life balance and happiness. Be conscious of your stressors. Enlist the support of your social network (family, friends, colleagues) or seek professional assistance to aid you.

Take a step today towards increasing your happiness. It's worth it....you're worth it.

Moving you forward, WLS

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