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Coaching is a very beneficial and effective process in helping YOU move forward towards creating the life YOU desire! 

Warwick Life Strategies strives to provide coaching services that will help clients set and attain passionate goals, face challenges, overcome obstacles, and move forward in their lives celebrating their personal strengths and uniqueness.

Personal or Professional Coaching

Would you like to set and achieve goals and live a more fulfilling, balanced life? Personal or Professional Coaching with WLS can get you there!

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Do you see the glass of life as half empty? Coaching sessions with WLS can help you think in a more positive way to live happier and healthier!

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Client Testimonials

I came to Erin-Brie, a broken and lost man. For years I was living my life with little direction and focus. Time and time again I would find myself falling back into a rut and finding a way out more and more challenging. I was living my life in a perpetual tailspin. After one session with Erin-Brie she identified fundamental gaps in my life, and proposed viable solutions. My life now has meaning and clear direction- Now I am flying high. I strongly recommend Erin-Brie for anyone looking for direction in their life. ~ D.M - Winnipeg

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